Hi there! I'm Alysha, AKA Eash 

I'm a powerlifter, pescatarian, and a NON DAIRY INTAKING queen and this is me lookin fly



Me? I'm thicc. Or I'd like to think I am,, idk man. I haven't always been thicc, I've had to work at it for YEARS!!! I have ALWAYS been so confused with my body,, I'm happy with her now, it's my one body in this crazy life and she's gone through so much. a QUEEN.

Existential Dread

You ever just like, see people your age doing the following things? :

  • getting married and finding their life partners, having children (are children ever planned?) 
  • going grocery shopping without having a full on meltdown?

How does it make you feel knowing you aint got your shit together like that? I wish I could help, so I'm going to talk about my own struggles to offer some comedic relief for the BOTH of us, bc i'm so funny.

ME when I see people buying cow MILK (puss) instead of almond TITTY MILK

Y'all still drinking cow puss??? in 2018?? COULDN'T BE ME.

please love yourself and the COWS and drink almond/oat/cashew/anything else that doesn't come from cows.

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